E-commerce Implementation and Systems Integration

From e-commerce to legacy ERP, we can integrate business platforms to make it easy to add new software to your tech stack.



System Integration

System Integration

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CRM Implementation


Web + Mobile

VTex E-commerce with Clouda

Delivering customized, world-class E-commerce solutions!

VTex and Clouda partnership has given us the opportunity to serve customers who want to build their e-commerce solution on the most innovative SaaS platform: VTEX.

E-commerce experts

E-commerce Experts!

vtex experts

VTEX.IO Experts!

What We Do


Our passion is to implement game changing e-commerce solutions that help organizations win. Whether the project is updating an existing site, migrating to a new platform, or launching a new brand, our team has the knowledge to drive success.

Leverage Clouda’s experience to navigate the complexities of integration, design, stakeholder alignment, requirements gathering, and scope.

B2B Commerce

Your Organization’s website is more than just a tool for branding. Reach your target market online to generate prospects, leads, and revenue. We’ve navigated the integration of legacy systems, modeled unwritten business processes, and partnered with all levels of stakeholders to drive project success.

B2C Commerce

Your organization has the perfect set of products and an immaculate brand, let Clouda help you present an e-commerce experience that will keep your customer base coming back for more. Our team has the design, software engineering, and business acumen to deliver the perfect solution for your target market.


We can help you design, plan, and implement a marketplace that brings your sellers’ catalog of products to market and allows users to manage logistics and payment seamlessly. Clouda has the background to integrate products, sellers, pricing and logistics seamlessly for your business.

Enterprise Integration

Organizations face the challenge of bringing on different systems to work together to achieve competitive edge in the market.

Clouda will help business leaders to navigate the untenable complexities of their integration solutions and to implement resilient, scalable and evolvable end to end solutions by leveraging the best technologies and best practices in the industry.

Legacy System Evolution

Clouda helps to bring enterprise systems out of their silos and join the evolution. We Integrate legacy and proprietary systems with all types of data stores, transforming data seamlessly across different formats and transports.


We make architectural decisions at early stages to identify subsystems and communicate with stakeholders. Defining APIs, distribution of participant systems, scalability, security and data interoperability can be of paramount importance for coming up with the best architecture for the system.

Integration Agile

Clouda strives to emerge with the best solution by adhering to the integration agile practice in its solutions, with a distributed integration approach resulting in great flexibility to adapt to changing client needs. 

Meet Our Team

Jon Pi

Co-Founder & CMO

Jayendra Kuma

Technical Lead

Sahan Jay

Technical Lead

Ravindu Avanka

Senior Software Engineer

Niwanthi Weeras

Senior Quality Assurance Engineer

Prabath Galle

Project Manager

Nimani Praveena

Director of Human Resources

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Our Engagements

Hourly Projects

You have a general goal or solution in mind, but exact requirements are not defined yet. Clouda will conduct requirements elicitation, budget, and handle change requests with agility.

What You Should Have:

  • Business Objectives

Billed on an hourly basis with a clear budget set for general milestones upfront.

Fixed Bid

You have an absolute goal or solution to implement. The project scope is not expected to change significantly. Couda will accomplish development objectives on time for pre-planned milestones.

What You Should Have:

  • Written Requirements or
  • Technical Documentations or
  • Wireframes or
  • User Stories

Billed as a fixed cost based on milestone achievement.

R&D Solutions

You have a concept or an idea you want to implement and might be starting from the scratch. Clouda will work with you throughout the development cycle to research, prototype, build, and deliver your objective.

What You Should Have:

  • Concepts for the Project

Fixed Monthly Cost, Agreed # of headcount, Dedicated team hours.

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